Rockingham County Opioid Crisis: The Dr. Ron Interview

rockingham county opioid crisis

“You give us 22 minutes; we’ll give you the world.” That was the infamous refrain for New York City’s 1010 WINS. Now it could also mean what ALEF Behavioral Group is doing to give the Piedmont back its world — and how we’re addressing the Rockingham County opioid crisis.

Yep, that’s right. ALEF has gone on air. And in 22 minutes we show how we’re determined to give you back your world.

Okay, so technically it’s 21 minutes and change. No matter. By the time the Mike Moore Media segment is all done, you’ll get the idea. You’ll also have an idea of how to best treat the scourge that has hit Rockingham County. ALEF CEO Dr. Ronald Flack Jr. will insist on it.

Yes, we mean Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), which continues to devastate communities all across North Carolina, as well as the rest of America. Like prior pandemics, OUD is lethal. Fortunately, it can also be effectively treated.

As Dr. Ron makes clear, that treatment is especially necessary in Rockingham County.

“The opioid crisis has been especially prevalent in Rockingham County,” says Dr. Ron. “Yet we’ve been given limited resources.” ALEF Behavioral Group seeks to remedy that.

It’s a remedy whose time has come.

“We haven’t been able to pray our way out of this,” says the man of faith. “We haven’t been able to arrest our way out of it either. But we can treat our way to a solution.”

That solution is medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT combines addiction-stopping medicines with comprehensive therapy, as well as, when necessary dual-diagnostic treatment methods. It also happens to be backed by medical professionals, including the World Health Organization. In fact, the WHO considers MAT to be the gold standard in addiction treatment.

Helping Rockingham County

For Dr. Ron providing that essential medicine begins right here at home.

“Being able to bring a solution back home to Rockingham County means a lot to me,” he says. “I was born and raised here. I still have family here. And I know we have some incredible people here.” They deserve to have the same opportunities as the rest of the country.

And how! That’s why ALEF was founded. And that’s why ALEF is here. Not just to address the Rockingham County opioid crisis — but to help beat it once and for all.

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